The Naked Suitor. (Dream-Journal)

B. M. Bjarnason has kept a dream-journal since he was a teenager, now the recorded dreams are close to five hundred and forty. In The Naked Suitor, from 2012, he published sixty three of them. Many of them contain sentences taken directly from the dreams. One of them comes with a drawing of a machine seen in the dream.

The Naked Suitor.

The Naked Suitor is the only Dream-Journal in Icelandic literature, and they are rare in literature in general, see: List of dream diaries.

Bjarnason has written an essay on words and sentences created in dreams and lectured on the topic for American psychoanalysts.

Pepper clouded little record 
(Extract from a lecture for American psychoanalyst´s in the winter 2006)

About seventeen of my recorded dreams (Now in November 2013 they are 530) include words and sentences in English. I am going to focus on some of them because I find dreams with correctly remembered words interesting and because this is a good opportunity to speak about these dreams to you since the lecture is in English. One possible reason for why I sometimes dream sentences in English is that my sub-consciousness, which I will assume in this lecture exists, wants to create a distance. I would normally not express myself in English if I had a choice, so when I wake up with an English sentence in my mind, I almost feel like I have been addressed by somebody else. The first dream I recorded with an English sentence is my fourteenth recorded dream which I had in March, 1989. Apart from the sentence in it which I state that I remember correctly like all the sentences I mention in this lecture, I only remember a flat, beautiful landscape and a small hill. The sentence goes like this:

“Your life is all set and done,
And here you sit under the sun.”

Why should an Icelander dream this in English and what does it mean?